Week of Mar 30

School: Donger Primary School, Chao’an, Dongfeng County, Chaozhou, Guangdong
Teacher-in-charge: Chen Yanting, Zheng Ailun
Grade:Primary 3 and 4
iPad Purpose:Implement flip classroom using iPads. iPads will be used in conjunction with reading clubs, math fun, mad science, and music choir.

School: Dongguan Primary School, Fushan County, Yaoping, Chaozhou, Guangdong
Teacher-in-charge: Tiffany Zhang
Grade:Primary 6
iPad Purpose:Use iPads in Chinese and Music classes to make learning fun and participating. Nature incentive for self-learning by making classes interesting and subjects fun to learn.

Week of May 25

School: Dazhai Secondary School, Dazhai County, Licang City, Yunnan
Teacher-in-charge: Dylan Kolhoff
Grade:Form 1
iPad Purpose:Incentivse students to learn better English by rewarding high performers opportunities to use iPad to further their study in English.

School: Disan Primary School, Kunming Economic and Technology Development Zone, Kunming, Yunnan
Teacher-in-charge: Cici Hu
Grade:Primary 4
iPad Purpose:School has no outdoor facilities. iPads will be utilised in outside-classroom learnings allowing students to acquire knowledge outside classroom.

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