We are calling for a donation of 20 iPads for our next mission trip. We would like to invite you to give away the old iPads you have at home or in your office.

DonateEN Pad For Hope’s Mission

  • We organize iPad donations to Hope Schools in the mountain areas of China.
  • We aim to narrow the information and technology gap between cities and villages
  • We also target to slow down the creation of e-waste by prolonging the useful life of older iPads

PIC_20140531_093755_15B The Activity

  • School:Liangchuangkou Primary School located in Xuyong County, Luzhou City of Sichuan Province
  • Dates of visit:2014/10/8-11
  • What we do there: 1)We will help the School to get connected to the Internet by broadband service 2)We will install WIFI routers on campus 3)We will setup iPads in the Activity Room to enable learning over the Internet 4)We will host a Sports Day to emphasize the importance of sports

PIC_20140528_131721_29C iPad Needs

  • We would like to invite you to give away the old iPads you have at home or in your office
  • We will need a total of 20 iPads no matter what model or condition
  • If you don’t have any old iPad but still wish to help, we recommend you to order one from our partner http://liangpin.aihuishou.com and ship it to our addresses below

PIC_20140529_164706_A40 Shipping Address:

  • Within Mainland China:10F, Shanghai World Financial Center,100 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai, China 200120, Attn: Jacky Chu (+8618149737413)
  • Rest of World:6509, 65/F, The Center, 99 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong,Attn: Jacky Chu (+85298483252)

PIC_20140529_164710_33E Collection Period:

  • 2014/7/28 ~ 2014/9/30

PIC_20140529_193642_168 Contact Us:


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